Reginald is a talented entrepreneur/ filmmaker  based in Dallas Texas.  His excitement for business began in the 4th grade. He and his younger sister would purchase bubble gum from the convenient store using their lunch money. By the time lunch time came around they had doubled their money in order to purchase higher end food items, like cookies! This endeavor lasted a semester and was later shut down by Mrs. Hamon.

Fast forward. Reginald founded the student organization "Young Entrepreneurs of America" at Wiley College in Marshall Texas. During his two years he worked for the radio station 91.1 FM KBWC as a radio talent. He would stand out as a leader by becoming a dorm Resident Assistant, Treasurer for the Student Government Association, and member of Alpha Phi Alpha. Looking for an entrepreneurial business program, Regianld received a schloarship to NorthWood university in Cedar Hill Texas to study Entrepreneurship. Reginald would later earn "The Faculty Achievement Award" in Entrepreneurship in 2006 from Northwood University.